Card of the Week – Kozilek’s Intrusion

Another Clasic design by Rush Clasic! Four (Or if you’re Greek, “téttares”) hedrons weren’t enough! The eldritch titan Kozilek has broken through onto the forums and taken control of user Tetrahedron to post its fiendish card designs! Now we will never be safe from colourless discard! Fun fact- this card […]

Card of the Week – Stoke The Forges

People got pretty stoked for CuriousHeartless’ design last week. In a field of four candidates it took 50% of the vote. I guess you could say that it got people fired up. It’s not hard to see why. By mixing the classic ritual effect with fresh new flavor, CuriousHeartless, forged […]

Announcing: City of Secrets

“New to the city? All respect and honors, gov, but you’re not. No one is. These walls have seen wonders that would turn you or me to dust, and they’ll see more after you’re gone. No sir, Kaer Maga may be new to you, but you’re nothing new to Kaer […]

Plot Twist

Bears strong resemblance to Magic’s counterpart in , but being in red makes it the perfect compliment to aggressive strategies. It acts almost like a pyroblast/stifle hybrid, protecting red decks from combo decks. It’s really cool when you plot twist a , or when you steal a  trigger. Stealing fetchlands […]