M:EM Serial

The War of the Wheel, Week 18

Chapter XVII A Place to Crash   At some point during Antine’s bouts of uncontrollable weeping, his exhaustion caught up with him, and the young fox fell asleep. Unfortunately, dreams provided no respite for the poor, tortured soul. In the infinite confines of his nightmares, Antine was back in Dayko, […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 17

Chapter XVI Coronation Pyre   Penelophine’s grotto was by no means the only victim of the Dual-Walker’s catastrophic attack. The damage was not limited to the vast forest of Veretna, nor to the larger island of Volbog upon which that forest sat. The planar barges of the Dual-Walkers had positioned […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 16

Chapter XV Sifting Through Ashes   The horrible, sickening sound finally seemed to stop. There was still a sort of gentle hiss from without, but the sounds of Armageddon themselves had finally, mercifully, died down. The only other noise they could now hear was the regular and rhythmic sound of […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 15

Chapter XIV Conscripts’ Conclave   Far across the nearly impenetrable æther, located innumerable existences away from Arbagoth and her unthinkable devastation, other planes were suffering by the same hands that laid the forest plane to waste. War had descended on the Wheel, and on the planes of Lefkos, Kokkinos and […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 12

Chapter XI A Bird in the Hand   From the endless, numbing expanse of the Blind Eternities, the Dual-Walkers stepped into an endless, frigid night. The cold was instantly oppressive, and neither Syl nor Chardis were dressed for winter travel. In a bygone age, concerns such as temperature would have […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 11

Chapter X A Pharaoh to Arms   The sun was young in the clear morning sky, its golden fire spreading like the dirt of a grave over the Brambleshale forest. Brambleshale trees were a curiosity, thick but malleable, with the appearance of volcanic glass but the elasticity of the healthiest […]