M:EM Serial

The War of the Wheel, Week 7

Chapter VI Wrath of Gods   “Events are moving quickly, dear sister.”   Syl looked up at her brother from where she sat, slumped in uncommonly poor posture in her cushioned seat upholstered in black velvet. A few stray strands of her hair were slightly displaced, another inconsistency with her […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 6

Chapter V A Fire in the Grassroots   Thick, black smoke billowed in the marshwood clearing, smelling of burnt vegetation and obscuring the melee taking place within. The sound of clashing metal and crackling flame cut through the evening air, accompanied by constant grunts of exertion and occasional screams of […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 5

Chapter IV Honor-Bound   On a field just outside the walled city of Caristine, the southern capital of a plane the locals called Yorthinandor, two armies were staring one another down, waiting with anxious glances for one side or the other to charge. The day was cool and bright, more […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 4

Chapter III Collateral Damage   Throughout the ceaseless expanse and the enumerable worlds of the Blind Eternities, the possible realities are as numberless as the worlds that stage them. Perhaps, tucked away in some forgotten corner of the æther, there might be some tiny, peaceful plane that has never known […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 3

Chapter II Shattered Shackles   The frigid wind leapt up suddenly, pushing the coarse snow and airborne ice in front of it as it swept across the barren landscape. The temperature was unbearable and the blizzard was blinding, but it hardly mattered. There was no one there to attempt to […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 1

It’s a new year, and that means a brand new M:EM serial! In 2017, we’ll be enjoying RavenoftheBlack’s magisterial M:EM opus, The War of the Wheel. So sit back, and enjoy…     The War of the Wheel by RavenoftheBlack   Prologue   Fallen Leaves   Daneera walked. She did not […]

Legends of the Waste, Week 44

Lucy’s black eyes glinted in the darkness as she slid the small, black-lacquered box out from beneath her bed, just as she did each night when the darkness was at its peak. She felt her heartbeat quicken as she lifted the box’s hinged top and looked down at the two objects which lay inside.