M:EM Serial

The War of the Wheel, Week 12

Chapter XI A Bird in the Hand   From the endless, numbing expanse of the Blind Eternities, the Dual-Walkers stepped into an endless, frigid night. The cold was instantly oppressive, and neither Syl nor Chardis were dressed for winter travel. In a bygone age, concerns such as temperature would have […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 11

Chapter X A Pharaoh to Arms   The sun was young in the clear morning sky, its golden fire spreading like the dirt of a grave over the Brambleshale forest. Brambleshale trees were a curiosity, thick but malleable, with the appearance of volcanic glass but the elasticity of the healthiest […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 9

Chapter VIII His Story of History   Denner Fabellian’s mind was reeling. In his lifetime and throughout all his travels, Denner had seen, entered, and even studied in hundreds of libraries. He knew the exact number, but at the moment, his mind was busy comparing the quality of those institutions […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 8

Chapter VII Sundar’s Drive   In a slight but stylized burst of flame and frost, Sundar Elarion pried himself from infinity and became physical on an unknown world. Over his chest he wore an ornate breastplate, crafted of the hardest, lightest metals the plane of Forculan had to offer, but […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 7

Chapter VI Wrath of Gods   “Events are moving quickly, dear sister.”   Syl looked up at her brother from where she sat, slumped in uncommonly poor posture in her cushioned seat upholstered in black velvet. A few stray strands of her hair were slightly displaced, another inconsistency with her […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 6

Chapter V A Fire in the Grassroots   Thick, black smoke billowed in the marshwood clearing, smelling of burnt vegetation and obscuring the melee taking place within. The sound of clashing metal and crackling flame cut through the evening air, accompanied by constant grunts of exertion and occasional screams of […]

The War of the Wheel, Week 5

Chapter IV Honor-Bound   On a field just outside the walled city of Caristine, the southern capital of a plane the locals called Yorthinandor, two armies were staring one another down, waiting with anxious glances for one side or the other to charge. The day was cool and bright, more […]