Highlighted M:EMory: How to Trade a Planeswalker

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Time again to reM:EMber where we have been!

This week, we’ll be highlighting: “How to Trade a Planeswalker,” by RuwinReborn.

“How to Trade a Planeswalker” was originally posted on October 6th, 2013, and was voted into the Archive on December 23rd, 2013. The story features Daneera, Fisco Vane, and the Dual-Walkers, as Fisco completes the deal he made with Syl and Chardis in “Deals and Devils.” This story also gives us a larger introduction to Diana, who was briefly shown in “Two Bullets and a Pocketful of Hate,” and also introduces Xeran, Fisco’s counterpoint to Diana. This story would serve as one of the in-roads to The War of the Wheel, which would in some way or another feature each of the characters in this piece.




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