Highlighted M:EMory: Deals and Devils

A Welcome from the Archivist


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Highlighted M:EMory.

This week, we will be reM:EMbering “Deals and Devils,” by RavenoftheBlack.

“Deals and Devils” was originally posted on June 27th, 2013 on the old boards, and was voted into the Archive on December 16th, 2013. The story features the Dual-Walkers, Syl and Chardis, who had made their debut a few months earlier in “Planes of the Dual-Walkers,” and Fisco Vane, who had made his debut around the same time, and had more recently been featured in “Two Bullets and a Pocketful of Hate.” This story leads directly into the events of RuwinReborn’s “How to Trade a Planeswalker” and, eventually, The War of the Wheel.




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