Highlighted M:EMory: Zachari Lavar, the Good Pontiff

A Welcome from the Archivist


The first day of the week has returned to us, and likewise, we must make our own return, a return to the M:EMories of the past!

This week, we’ll be highlighting: “Zachari Lavar, the Good Pontiff“, by RuwinReborn.

“Zachari Lavar, the Good Pontiff” is a return in many ways. It is a return to the days of the old boards, where the story was first posted, and voted in on February 20th, 2013. It is a return to the early days of RuwinReborn, as this story was his first piece for the M:EM. And, of course, it is a return to Ravnica, because it tells the story of an Orzhov holy man and creditor watching over his flock.

Enjoy this return to the M:EMories of the past!



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