The Lost Mine of Phandelver – Part Two

We make our return to The Lost Mines of Phandelver, a place I’m still not entirely sure I know how to pronounce.  LordFluffy has once again brought us a great segment on their time in the game.  Garren_Windspear continues to engage his players, and with each twist and turn the players get to discover more and more of this fantastic world.  I can’t wait to share Part Two with you guys, so let’s dive into it.



Run by Garren_Windspear

Written by LordFluffy


The Lost Mine of Phandelver – Part Two


“What do you say, Lee, ready to go get paid?”

Having saved the guard of their employer, Sildar, the party arrived at Phandalin. They wasted no time in heading to Barthen’s Provisions and speaking with the namesake owner. They dropped off the goods they were hired to guard and let Barthen know that Gundren, the dwarf who had hired them all and Barthen’s friend, was still in the hands of goblin kidnappers. The news left the shopkeep shaken, cursing Wave Echo Mine and all of the ill fortune that had come out of it.

The group asked where Gundren’s brothers, Nundro and Tharden Rockseeker, might be found so that they could inform them of their brother’s plight. The brothers were camped outside of town and out of contact. This left the crew with nothing else to do but head for the Stonehill Inn to rest and plan their next move.

Many issues and rumors weighed on them though. What would they find at the keep where Gundren was likely being kept? What of a local group of brigands called the Redbrands? What did this all have to do with the puppet master, the Black Spider?

“We might wanna sleep with one eye open tonight.”

When the team got to the Stonehill, they were hungry and thirsty, but not just for food and drink. They needed information. The innkeep, Tolben is willing to discuss the town’s current bandit scourge, the Redbrands, but his wife Trilena is more circumspect, especially when their son suggests that the team should go speak to his young friend Carp about a tunnel that he found.

Still, details are divulged: the Redbrands are a menace to women and children. They murder people in the street without fear of reprisal. The townsmaster may be the person to talk to. Everyone wants them gone, but no one knows how to counter their demonstration of brutality.

The party is angered by the additional facts, but there is nothing to do but rest and prepare for the next day. Lee stays downstairs having his fill of ale while the others sleep two to a room, keeping one eye open.

The next morning comes quickly. Everyone convenes downstairs (except for Lee, who never left) and quickly, Vaeca and Booker notice that Tolben is visibly disturbed. He seems in a hurry for the adventurers to be on their way. He won’t meet their eyes as he does this and he hides his right hand while he talks.

Vaeca passes him a few coins, both for his trouble and trying to get a signal that he’s in danger. Joab remains oblivious to the signs that they are on the verge of danger. Lee is annoyed at the rudeness of their host. Booker hints at leaving by the front door to get a reaction. Argun asks about the wife.
All of this just makes Tolben more concerned.

Finally, Argun asks, “…would we make better time… if’n we head out the back?”

Tolben sees the archer’s plan. He tells them that the back door is unlocked. Argun and Booker make use of the exit. Vaeca and Joab bid their farewell and take the front door. Lee stops to get a couple more jars of ale for the road.

“I reckon you all seen just about all you need of this little place eh?”

Outside, the Druid and the Sorceror are greeted by a sneering half-elf waiting out front, along with two humans and one half-orc. All of them are armed. All of them wear the crimson cloaks of the Redbrands. Argun and Booker take up positions, trying to remain out of sight. They spot the thief, despite his skill, but make no move. Vaeca and the half-elf bandit exchange a few sharp edged words with one another.

Joab innocently asks, “What’s with all the swords?”

Lee bursts onto the scene, asking “Hey friends, are you making new friends already? Hi new friends!”

Vaeca, having had enough, challenges the Redbrands, saying, “So stop hiding behind half hearted insinuations of violence and act if you’re going to act. Otherwise get out of our way.”

They choose to act.

“Ya know what a sword is right?”

The fight starts quick and bloody. Lee strikes first, landing a series of harsh blows on the half-elf bandit. Joab and Vaeca assault them with magical force and thunder. Joab engages with his swords. The half-elf falls, but his friends waste no time in trying to gain revenge; Lee is cut down with a vicious swordblow. Argun sends two arrows from the shadows and takes down one of the bandits. Another tries to run, but cut down by a third shaft.

Joab fills the half-orc bandit’s face with conjured poison while Booker tries to distract him and Vaeca goes hand-to-hand with his staff all while Lee is on death’s door at their feet. The brutish bandit howls and tries to draw blood, but in the end, Booker’s swords end the fight.

“I need a drink. Too early and too sober to be doing this much fighting.”

Their foes dead in the street, the crew turn their eye towards their fallen friend and tending to a wound Joab suffered in the fray. They find nothing helpful on the brigands, but they do help themselves to the weapons and armor that the fallen will no longer be needing.

The plan has not changed, however. The townsmaster must be questioned to see if he is friend or foe. Sildar will be sought out to help set things right in this town. The Redbrands need to be dealt with. A day in town, and their adventure has only still just begun.





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