Rares Only / Immortal Servitude

Written by squinty_eyes

Johnny’s Quest is a weekly deckbuilding challenge for Magic: the Gathering that encourages players to build new decks while adhering to sometimes strange restrictions. Each week, we vote on which submission we liked the best of the previous week, while also submitting new decks to be put up for voting the following week. This is a fairly recent weekly challenge, and because of that, for the first few weeks until we catch up with the most current contest, I’m going to be posting two week’s winners per article so we don’t miss out on any of the great decks submitted so far.


Card: –NONE–


EVERY card must have been printed as a Rare or Mythic Rare.
And yes, this includes the entire mana base.
There is no budget this week.
The decklist must be Freeform Legal (no restrictions).
Please include a unique name for the deck.

Dreams of a Better World

by Tevish Szat

4x Polluted Delta
4x Tropical Island
4x Tundra
4x Underground Sea
4x Volcanic Island
4x Watery Grave

4x Angus Mackenzie
4x Sliver Queen

4x Dream Halls
4x Prismatic Omen

Instants and Sorceries
4x Show and Tell
4x Force of Will
4x Demonic Tutor (Mythic in Vintage Masters, Rare in ME4)
4x Coalition Victory
4x Conflux


I reached out to Tevish Szat and asked if they wanted to write anything about their deck, and this is what I got:


Solid Gold. Not The NGA Card, the expansion symbols for your deck. That was the challenge this week. At first it seemed like this would be the easiest (or at least most open) quest yet. Rares (and of course mythic rares) are, contrary to certain company statements, reliably the best cards, so of course you can make a good deck around them. But then you start to realize how many staples and schemes are or rely on Uncommons, or even Commons in order to function! Even I had to fudge things a little bit with Demonic Tutor, a card that mercifully had one rare printing to legalize it for the format.

I feel like my core engine this week is actually more of a known factor than previous attempts: Conflux and Dream Halls go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, and alchemizing that into the words “You win the Game” is a very natural approach to utilizing your newfound massive tutoring ability. The Freeform legality was interesting. Technically, I did use it (what with 4 copies o Demonic Tutor) but the deck I assembled looks, other than that, like a Legacy deck, more or less. In some ways I don’t think I really used the openness of the week to its full capacity. In others, I suppose I won, so perhaps making a deck more familiar to players worked to my advantage.


Card: Immortal Servitude


There must be four copies of the Week’s Card.
No card may cost over $5.00 each, based on TCGplayer.com’s Average Price.
The decklist must be Modern Legal.
Please include a unique name for the deck.

Disenchanted Evening

by storyteller

4 x Enlightened Ascetic
4 x Kami of Ancient Law
4 x Keening Apparition
4 x Ronom Unicorn
4 x War Priest of Thune
4 x Qasali Pridemage

Other Spells
4 x Immortal Servitude
4 x Honor of the Pure
4 x Enchanted Evening
2 x Spear of Heliod

4 x Brushland
4 x Selesnya Guildgate
14 x Plains


I reached out to storyteller and asked if they wanted to write anything about their deck, and this is what I got:


The deck was based on a deck I saw at some point based on Enchanted Evening + Aura Shards. Due to Aura Shards being over-budget, though, it was not included on the list. The basic premise is pretty simple. Power up with Anthem effects, beat down with white bears, and when you get it, play Enchanted Evening and turn all your creatures into all-purpose removal. Since many of these guys are Sacrifice effects, Eternal Servitude allows you to sacrifice them and then replenish them without worry.
As pointed out in-thread, the deck could do with a search spell, but the ideal candidate (Idyllic Tutor) was of course over-budget. In building the deck outside of the tournament, it may be interesting to turn into a Orzhov or Junk deck with Demonic Pact (which was just so slightly over-budget at the time).



Join us next week where we’ll be taking a look at a deck that revolves around Eye of the Storm and a Mono-Black deck that’s just plain fun!  And don’t forget there’s always a few days left to participate in this week’s challenge.  It’s all about Vanguards this week, and you can join in the fun here.

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