Daily Archives: October 9, 2015

Forsaken Wish

Mown’s masterpiece variant of a wish/ hybrid, it adds redundancy to combo decks at a cost that is reasonable. It’s been paired most prominently alongside as a way to have a toolbox built within a graveyard based combo. There are all kinds of weird things that can be done with […]

Card of The Week

Tekkahedron’s card teaches us to take joy in the simple things, like magical flight and card advantage. This is one of two winners for this week’s Card Of The Week. If you are seeing this, then the first one was already taken down. But don’t worry; you can always look […]

Legends of the Waste, Week 3

Fisco stared at the spot where Malzeth had been, and sighed heavily. He was terrified. He was scared of Jakkard. Of what it meant to him, of what had happened, of what he had done. He had passed into legend on this plane twenty years ago after a weeklong vendetta that soaked half the city in blood. Fisco was frightened of what would happen to him if he stayed, he was frightened of losing who he was on this cutthroat plane.