Princes of the Apocalypse – Part One

Welcome to our third highlighted RPG going on in the NGA forums!  This week we get some insight on the Princes of the Apocalypse game as written by RPJesus and run by squinty_eyes.  This first part will have an introduction to our characters, as well as the first Day of roleplay in Red Larch.  Since I had the players write their descriptions and backgrounds out for me to get a better idea of who they are, I thought it would be a great introduction to use those very same blurbs.  Each of the following character descriptions was written by the player and are really great pieces, so let’s jump into them now!



Meet the Cast

Kitar (played by felbatista)

Kitar is a prime specimen of his race. His body resembles that of a bald eagle, complete with the head with white plumes and yellow beak, powerful wings, a well-built and muscular chest and narrow legs ending on his razor sharp talons. It’s visible that he cares very much for his appearance, with physical exercises and extra attention to the cleaning of his feathers.

Kitar is a strong willed aarakocra that learned in the worst way how brutal life can be. Therefore, he’s very practical and resolute, caring little for the feelings of others. Still, he’s very loyal to his people, and would never backstab a friend. Not that he has many, however.

He’s also very proud of his race, considering the Aarakocras superior due to their flying capabilities. He takes his pride to a point that he basically despise anyone that is not an Aarakocra, or at least a proven warrior. That, coupled with events of his past, made him very wary of making new friends.

His military formation and position also gave a taste for giving orders. In battle, he likes to act as the leader, often telling everyone what to do.

Kitar was proud of the Aarakocra, and he was also the pride of Aarakocra. He joined the military ranks soon after reaching majority, and tales of his deeds and how fast those carried him to higher rankings will be told all over the mountains for ages. He was the captain of the Aarakocra scouts, and every single soldier under his command loved him. No one flew as high as Kitar. Until life made him plummet.

It was another straightforward scout mission, like countless he had done. He took one of the first shifts and let his team sleep while he fantasized with yet another medal he would gain. And then, something, someone, magically put him to sleep. When he woke up, his whole team was dead, ambushed during their sleep. It was a slaughter. He found nothing in the camp that could lead him to the killers, except a torn page of a spellbook with Cult of Earth symbol on it, which he kept to use as a, most likely vain, attempt to save his reputation. And he was punished, sentenced to exile, to live in eternal shame, for being the scout that went to sleep and got his whole team killed, depite his arguments that only magic could have done that. And since then, he kept the torn page as a reminder of the revenge he seeks and the pride he wants back.

After a year of wandering alone as an outcast, he joined The Order of the Gauntlet just to so he could have a purpose and someone to give him orders again. He has been doing good work for the Order since, although he finds little joy on it. He still seeks ways to rejoin his race in the mountains and get back his glorious life.


Iados (played by Garren_Windspear)

Iados is, depending on your particular definition, blessed with the sort of appearance one associates with the classic scheming devil; golden eyes alight with malice, red skin reminiscent of the infernal flames that no doubt spawned him, dark luxurious hair and the signature beard of evil. Topped off with a pair of cruelly curved horns and a sinuous forked tail he is the very image of the classical adversary. Adding somewhat to his imposing image are severe burn scars covering much of his chest, neck and face. Wears a suit of simple chainmail and, curious, bares two holy symbols – one of Tyr and one of Hoar.

Dour and serious to a fault – he was never the most jovial person to begin with and recent events have done little to improve his demeanor. He does not consider adventuring to be a profession; those with the strength to head out and strike down evil in it’s own lair have a duty to do so regardless of any potential reward. Somewhat pious though he prefers to show his dedication through action and duty then through sitting in a temple somewhere burning incense and chanting to the gods. Really really big on justice and retribution – no crime unpunished and all that.

Abandoned as a child and raised by the church of Tyr, Iados spent much of his early life in relative seclusion. Originally he was to be inducted into the clergy of the The Even-Handed though his bitterness and anger stifled his progress. Considered a problem child he was eventually taken under the wing of an older paladin who introduced him to Hoar, a lesser deity often associated with Tyr, and showed him how to focus his anger constructively and with purpose. Spend the next dozen or so years traveling as a squire, learning the craft and duties of a paladin, before striking out on his own. Recently made plans to meet up with his old mentor again but the village they arrived at was attacked by flame cultists and put to the torch. He was the only one who survived the assault and dragged himself away to recover, vowing vengeance on the cult. Currently moving around the region, gathering information on the cultists and planning out his next move.


Obed Olmstead (played by DS)

Obed Olmstead still has the open, boisterous joy of a sailor, though he also frequently has dark moods, especially when he thinks about how long he has been away from sea. Even in his moods, though, Obed comes off less sour and unapproachable and more interesting and dangerous. He becomes desperate, almost hysterical, when he finds a potential lead in his search for knowledge of his love, and he can turn violent when denied. To him, his unpredictable moods and tantalizing darkness are just reflections of the sea that he’s embraced.

Obed grew up as a poor wharf rat, and once he was able to convince a ship’s crew to take him on, he has not left the sea. He has served on many different vessels, as he cared less about the work and more about just being out in the open water. To him, that was pure freedom, more valuable than love or wealth. One day, a massive freak storm whipped up out of nowhere and summarily destroyed the ship he was on. While he was slowly sinking in the water, debris and corpses around him, passing in and out of consciousness, he had a vision of a being in the shape of a woman but with a vast darkness around and below her. She touched his mind and he next woke up on shore. Now with strange powers manifesting within him, Obed is on a quest to find this great being, his savior, his love, and join her again.

Obed carries a haunted look of a man wasting away. Though still his body still carries the strength and bulk of a sailor, it has seen better days. He’s less toned and he’s starting to grow a little beer belly. His face is still handsome, but in a more grizzled and brooding way. Dark circles never seem to leave his gray eyes, and his black hair and short beard are already seeing light streaks. His hair is long enough to cover the slight point of his ears and curls when wet. His hands are calloused heavily, and no matter how drunk he gets, Obed’s legs remain steady. Across his chest is a line of circular scars.


Luka von Stipplewitz (played by RPJesus)

5’4″, slender build, short pink hair, silver eyes, wears a black battle dress (Something like Rosette), and a pair of fake horns resembling tiefling horns. Plays her violin with her rapier (because logistics be damned, rule of cool)

Friendly and outgoing, she tends to see the good in everything and believes that even the world’s flaws are part of what makes it great. That said, she has no patience for bullies (though she has no qualms viciously wrecking her foes when appropriate).

She was raised by the Megurine Troupe, a band of traveling entertainers, and per tradition set out a few months ago to have an adventure and compose her masterpiece based on her experiences.


Dev Remming (played by FallenDevil)

Dev is a fair skinned tall and well built man standing over six feet tall. He has essentially buzzcut red hair with little scruff around his chin, keeping himself very clean looking, a pair of dark grey eyes finish off his average looking face. He sports a chainmail set of armor and on either side of his hips hangs a single sided battle axe. It should also be noted whenever he is standing it is usually very straight, even whilst sitting it would be rare to find him slouching.

Dev is a joke, despite his well kept appearance and mannerisms he doesn’t act all the serious, making stupid jokes or puns that seem outright disturbing at times. This doesn’t necessarily mean he cannot be serious but if given the choice he would prefer to be sitting around a camp fire telling raunchy stories then getting into the face of evil . . . that is unless evil was at the doorsteps of the lord paying his wage.

“Just follow the rules, keep your head down, protect your skin and bang the hell out of a few tavern wenches, and you will get by in life happily”
– Dev to a former member of his unit.

Devlin was a former soldier without much rank of a real trash no name army. He was a scout often sent out to ‘detect danger’ but it mostly ended in finding nothing other then boredom and maybe a few stories of a slutty elf whom he found naked taking a bath, or a couple of hell spawn red skins performing a cult ritual that he had to stop alone, or that one time he had to slay a dragon . . .
Regardless of his stories Dev’s time came to an end with the army when his contract with them expired and he saw no reason to stay with an army in name only. Eventually he would end up in Yartar and work under its baron as part of the ‘Lords alliance’ for good coin rather then status. His current assignment? A bandit named Grimjaw.


Hexion (played by storyteller)

Hexion is slim, young human, who is often found with a smile on his fair-skinned face. He keeps his black hair short and keeps himself well-shaved, as he feels their dark color don’t fit his green eyes well. Standing at 5’4”, he comes off as slightly shorter than average, and generally wears leather armor over a set of dark, common clothes, finishing off with a dark, hooded cloak.

Hexion cares for little in life except having fun. He’s quick to take interest, but just as quick to change his mind, and will sign up for various campaigns on a whim, but also jump ship just as quickly. He’s also easily distracted, and will often stray from “the plan” if there was one.

Hexion claims that he was born into a noble family of magicians, but finding study to not be of his strong point, he decided to find his own way in life. After jumping out of his home, he made good use of his natural dexterity to serve as a scout of sorts, lending himself to many a party. Recently, he signed onto a campaign, only to find that his employers were Fire Cultists plotting the demise of local civilization. Finding the idea repulsive, and the idea of smashing their plans apart exhilarating, Hexion quietly extracted himself from employment to seek aid on his self-imposed quest.



Written by RPJesus

Run by squinty_eyes

Princes of the Apocalypse – Part One



Arriving in Red Larch for the first time, our ragtag band of adventuring compatriots have a brief strategy meeting before splitting up to explore the town (as the old ditty goes, “don’t you know, you always split the party?”). Our good friend Obed Olmsted quickly sets up shop dri- er, “gathering information” in the local tavern, speaking to a lovely hostess named Ghileeda and an adventurer-turned-instructor named Thirty-Four.

Kitar meanwhile flies off to investigate the half-orc he saw while scouting, learning that the town has far more troubles than meets the eye, as well as inadvertantly becoming one of said troubles though a series of comic and/or tragic misunderstandings.

Hexion and Iados set out to explore the town, not finding much of interest before Iados makes an unlikely friendship with a young girl named Amy… Platypus or something, who we’ll probably never see again and will certainly have no bearing on future plot events.

While securing lodgings for the evening, our hero Luka (the obvious main character of our story :33) and her faithful bodyguard Dev discover rumors of an evil presence in the nearby Lance Rock. The innkeeper is quoted as saying it is “the cause of all of Red Larch’s trouble.”

Luka then rounds everybody up at the tavern, Iados being relieved of Amy by her mother Ghileeda. After reviewing what everyone has found out, everyone decides to go their separate ways for the evening, but to regroup and set out in the morning.

Obed finishes “gathering information” in the tavern, and sets out to explore the rest of the town, coming across the town quarry. While chatting with the owner, he learns of mysterious figures that observe the workers during the evening. Nothing more has come of them yet, but they cause the workers a great deal of unease. He is asked to help with the problem, and given a round crystal as a show of good faith.

Kitar flies around the town a bit to clear his head, running across Thirty-Four taking Amy out to deal with Red Larch’s bandit problem. After a bit more flying, he chances upon a block of pure silver all but buried in the ground, and is able to exchange it for a decent sum of gold and a specialty shield. Finally, he chats up the town Constable a bit more, helping him with his patrol and begins to make a good impression on the Constable.

Hexion decides to explore to the south, learning of a plot hook in the nearby Tricklerock Cave, and… mysteriously acquires three scrolls with strange arcane writing on them, which somewhat mitigates him being pickpocketed by a young half-elf woman a few minutes later. Fortunately nothing of value is lost (Well, aside from a gold or two worth of items, but we’re adventurers, we make that kind of money in our sleep)

Luka and Dev decide to check out what turns out to be a shrine dedicated to every religion, chatting up a couple of priests, and getting a fancy new dress and a silver axe for their troubles. They then return to the inn, where Luka puts on a stunning performance for the assembled townsfolk before getting a late dinner at the nearby restaurant.

Reconvening again in the restaurant, everyone shares what new information they have uncovered. Iados and Hexion set about stirring up trouble with some of the patrons and/or waitresses, but nothing of note happens save for Obed finding out his strange sphere is actually a Pokeball, containing a legendary Pokelemental.

Most of the party heads to bed, save Iados, who quickly checks in on Amy, then he and Hexion try to be ‘those who hunt elves’, but to little avail, whereupon Hexion retires as well, leaving Iados alone to patrol the town. Iados’s patrol is rather uneventful, making small talk with a few people around the town, etc. but he does find a quartet of mysterious gems that may or may not allow him to summon powerful creatures. Iados returns from his patrol around the same time everyone else wakes up, bringing us to the dawn of the second day.




That wraps up Part One of the Princes of the Apocalypse!  If you’d like to read on as the story develops, join us here!  And next time you join us, there will be two brand new characters to introduce, played Mown and Silverminnow, I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

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