Daily Archives: October 6, 2015

Card Of The Week

Last week’s poll ended in a tie, so we’re going to have two COTWs going up this week. The next will go up at the crack of Friday. If you want to force a tie next week click here to vote in the poll. Stargazing offers a flavourful alternate win […]

Announcing: City of Secrets

“New to the city? All respect and honors, gov, but you’re not. No one is. These walls have seen wonders that would turn you or me to dust, and they’ll see more after you’re gone. No sir, Kaer Maga may be new to you, but you’re nothing new to Kaer […]

Three Card Magic

The name is in reference to a common thought game of magic called Three Card Magic (3CM), which you can play on our forums. (Join any time!) Three Card Magic is NGAC’s variant of doomsday, but it was unplayable until was printed. Now, resolving 3CM is a combo, but unlike […]