Talcar Campaign – Part One

Welcome to our introduction to the crew and beginnings of the Talcar Campaign!  This week we’ll be hearing from both Shockwave07 and rstnme about this amazing and long-running campaign hosted here on NGA.  This particular campaign has seen its share of characters come and go throughout its run, and while it was short lived, I myself had a character that got to be a part of the crew for a short time.  Periodically, I check back in to see if Libi has made a reappearance in the story, but her nefarious plans have not yet come to fruition, according to rstnme.  I’m still holding out for that.  Let’s jump in, meet the characters, and hear a little about their beginnings!


Character descriptions by Shockwave07

Meet the Cast of Talcar

Current Tower Team:

Lucian: The leader of the Tower Mercenaries in the absence of the Commanders, this Tiefling provides a bit of magic and healing to his fellow members, along with reminding his less socially skilled colleagues (according to his mind) of their lack of them. He has come a long way since being a fatherless child on the streets.

Aregano: Tower Wizard and resident canibal, this Eladrin wizard is seeking the perfect meal to add to his obese belly. He is often found happy at the chance to take sample of fallen foes of all kinds for future meals, and is in the progress of studying live harvest techniques. Volunteers for this have been up to this point unheard of.

Algotin: A Paladin of Avandra, this greatsword wielding half-elf joined the tower mercenaries at Feldagriff’s house just before they set out to deal with the orcs raiding a coastal town not too far from Talcar. Unfortunately on the ride there his own “heroics” brought the deaths of Dunkin and Sprinkles, Halfling cousins. He isn’t taking it too well currently.

Spike: This Shapeshifting Shifter was assisted by the tower mercenaries and after being freed from a formarian infant joined them in their adventures. As of yet he has yet to show himself in his native form, instead choosing the forms of other animals including a pug, a bear, and a seel. His goals of getting back at humanity have yet to be announced as well…

Narolin: A rogue with a coat fetish, this man seemed to be on the same trail of the orcs as the tower heroes, though a step or two behind until meeting up with them. He currently is offering his services to the team with a smashing red mustache and swashbuckling use of his rapier.

Other Tower Members (Off Duty/Deserted/Left Home):

Tovar: The Muscle of the Tower Mercenary remnants, this large Half-Orc warrior is a man of simple tastes: ale, adventures and a greatsword for whenever his words fail to do the job. He was with the team through the young dragon, blue goblins, a caravan ambush, and a cut short sewer trek. Currently Tovar is serving the purpose of the day tower as a town guard draftee.

Libi: One of the members of the Tower at the time of the leaders’ departure, Libi was an expert in the arts of death dealing. Though she provided her services for a time, she has departed with an early retirement fund of the team’s earnings of a dragon’s hoard. This has left the remaining loyal Tower members highly unpleased. Has not been seen since.

Flint: Former assistant of Master Croi, the baker, this Halfing was last working under contract to Libi. He has disappeared along with Libi. A quest is currently being undertaken by four fellow halflings to find him…

Nolan Trueheart: Joining the Tower mercenaries to get vengeance on the goblins, and dragon-nappers, that killed his friends, he found it and joined their adventures. This devote of Avandra made an uncharacteristic exit joining orcs during a sea battle, despite orcs being responsible for his brother’s death…

Written by and Run by rstnme

Talcar Campaign – Part One

The Talcar Campaign is a low-level campaign that uses most of the rules from Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition, and is set in the fantastical metropolis of Talcar, a massive port city surrounded by ocean to the east, mountains to the north and west, and plains that eventually lead to the forest to the south. Magic runs rampant throughout the city, as well as many curious races—it is common knowledge Talcar is a hubbub of interplanar trade. Given the chaotic and wonderous nature of Talcar, adventurers can only expect one thing: the unexpected.


Our heroes are junior members of a small mercenary guild called The Tower, and they live on the outskirts of Talcar in—you guessed it—a tower. A rather dilapidated tower. The kind of tower that, if it could speak, would earnestly campaign to be put out of its misery and have its stone repurposed into an oven, or a fine set of stone steps winding through a manor garden, or, failing that, polished rocks with inspirational messages carved onto them that serve to prevent stacks of parchment from escaping open office windows.


The heroes are thus: a corpulent elf wizard named Aregano, a well-mannered half-orc barbarian named Tovar, a mysterious, leather-clad assassin by the name of Libi, and the leader of the group, a disdainful tiefling bard that goes by the name of Lucian. Their mercenary leaders left on a mission some three months ago, and haven’t been heard from since. A fierce Talcarian winter pummels the landscape; Aregano’s body type, given the quickly diminishing pantry, has shifted from “obese” to “more to love.”


Then there’s a knock at the door, and a Halfling that goes by the name Flint enters, carrying a fresh box of delicious pastries as an incentive for the heroes to take on a job. Flint’s master is a pastry chef named Croi, and someone seems to be raiding shipments of his “secret ingredient.” It’s nearly putting him out of business. The heroes agree to escort Croi’s band of halflings, lead by the gruff Halfling Spitwick and Flint, to pick up their next shipment. A week later, the party finds themselves in the Dwarven mountains, stuck in a tavern because a sudden winter storm has made travel impossible.


A duo of dragonborn approach the group. The storm, it turns out, is being generated by a machine imprisoning a baby ice dragon, guarded by a small tribe of ice goblins that have no interest in Spring every arriving again. On the way to dispatch the tribe, the heroes meet Nolan, a human cleric mourning the loss of his party. The heroes slay the goblins, their masters, and kill the baby dragon. The next morning, Libi is nowhere to be found—it appears she vanished in the night with Flint, taking the party’s gold and silver to boot. Disheartened, the party continues deeper into the mountains. Eventually, they arrive at a curious ranch: humans seem to be raising Oozes in small pits—and it turns out, these Ooze heifers are the secret ingredient in Croi’s pastries! The heroes escort the ooze-filled caravans back to Croi’s bakery, but on the way are stopped by a band of Ooze-Rights-Activists set on freeing the errant Oozes. They succeed, and chaos ensues, ending in a massive battle between activists, our heroes, and the oozes. Our heroes survive, but not unscathed.


We shall see what happens next!



If you’d like to check out more of this story as it unfolds, I highly recommend checking out their game thread here for all the adventure and excitement!

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