Announcing: The Entrance

The Entrance, a set by Flopfoot

Welcome to The Entrance, an idyllic location on New South Wales’s central coast where amateur planeswalkers go for their holidays. With so many planeswalkers in one place you can be sure that this is the planeswalkeriest set to date. It’s got planeswalkers at every rarity, spells that can make multiple planeswalker tokens in one go, planeswalkers with static and triggered abilities, planeswalkers that are also other card types, and more. Item is a new artifact subtype that can attach to planeswalkers like equipments can attach to creatures. The Warmage mechanic lets your planeswalkers double as creatures. The Trine mechanic rewards you for controlling two or more planeswalkers, while the Power up mechanic lets you discard your cards to put more loyalty counters on your planeswalkers.

Not into planeswalkers? Never fear, it also has the Resurgence mechanic that brings back cards from your graveyard for free, the Gird mechanic that lets your creatures trade their power for toughness, the Winds mechanic that lets you exile your hand and draw a new one, the Alchemy lands that give you a one-shot spell like effect without having to sacrifice themselves, the Banquets that let you choose three modes out of a possible four, and you can eat a bunch of jellybeans as an alternate win condition! But try not to get lost in the sand dunes, pushed off the bridge, or attacked by the zombified wildlife…

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