The Lost Mine of Phlandelver – Part One

Welcome, readers, to the first installment of Campaign Chronicles.  This series of articles will focus on the roleplaying games of No Goblins Allowed (NGA), and is written by active members of those games.  Each week we’ll travel to a different world and hear the heroic tales of their participants.  This week, we’ll be diving into The Lost Mine of Phlandelver, one of our longest running games here on NGA, and we’re going see the genesis of the characters and how they got set on their path.  This week’s article was graciously written by user LordFluffy, and the campaign is run by Garren_Windspear.  Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

The Lost Mine of Phlandelver – Part One
Written by LordFluffy
Run by Garren_Windspear
When first we met the adventurers, they were a disparate band, each arriving for their own reasons with no connection save all having agreed to work for a dwarf named Gundren guarding a caravan. They met at an inn, had some food, and got some sleep while Gundren rode on ahead.
There was a wise but feral druid, Vaeca Mondrian, who found Gundren on the advice of his father. There was Lee Pai Long, a monk who enjoyed his drink and who had worked with Gundren in the past. A rogue named Booker Goldstem was also there to help his friend, Gundren, and to escape the city. A naïve priest named Sandal was in attendance to repay a debt. A young sorcerer, the half-elven Joab, was
there to seek understanding of his gifts. Finally, the archer Argun Woodfence had taken the job as a way to make coin now that he was no longer in service in the military.
The group took the wagon of supplies towards the small town of Phandalin. Not too long into their journey, they were set upon by goblin bandits. The crew made short work of the ambushers, but discovered that their employer had been kidnapped and dragged away to the goblin’s lair, along with his guard.
The men had a heated discussion about how they should proceed. Tempers flared and personalities clashed. In the end, they decided it was best to try to find Gundren. They followed the goblin’s trail, contending with traps. Sandal, the priest, fell into a pit and begged the party to go on without him, but they would not, and convinced him to press on.
When they got to the cave where the goblins had set up shop, the group managed to quickly dispatch one guard and capture another. They discovered that Gundren had been moved to another location, though his human guard was still inside. They also learned that a figure calling himself the Black Spider had paid the goblin’s leader, a bugbear named Klarg.
The half-elf sorcerer scouted while the druid managed to calm a pair of wolves left as guards. The party debated their options, a stealthy approach or a well lit one. They even debated killing the goblins they were sure to find:  the cleric in favor of mercy over force.
The debate was soon rendered moot as the group got to a pair of goblins, another lupine pet, and their leader, the bugbear Klarg. The team launched into action with blades, fists, arrows and spells, and dispatched the lesser opponents without issue. The bugbear managed to drop the rogue to the ground but was soon rendered unconscious by the spinning staff of Lee and the fight was over almost as soon as it began.
Booker was roused and his wounds tended while his companions got Klarg to his feet. The bugbear proved defiant and belligerent, even bound. He managed to get up and bite the druid Vaeca who then slew him in return.
This displeased Sandal, the cleric.
The group advanced, finding more goblins ahead, they figured they’d find as many as a dozen or more as they continued, based on the testimony of the guards at the cave entrance. A couple goblins were spotted and the group again debated on how to best advance. The cleric cast a spell to light their way, and immediately give away their position!
The group attempted to put down the goblins they saw, knowing that the advantage of surprise was lost. They manage to deal with the goblins, but facing superior numbers in the next chamber, they concocted a plan to put the fear of many gods into the wretched creatures. The sorcerer lit up the head of Klarg and the druid approached, holding it, while conjuring fire in his hands.
This grim act proved to be too much for the cleric, who took advantage of everyone’s attention being focused on the goblins and skulked off into the darkness, to exit the situation and to never be heard from again.
The remaining five had bigger things on their minds, however. The rogue shouted threats and announced the death of Klarg. The druid described the otherworldly fate they all were sure to share should they choose to oppose the adventurers while the sorcerer added the sounds of tortured goblins with his magics.
The goblins, fewer than the group expected, stood with Gundren’s guard, Sildar, at their feet with a dagger to Gundren’s throat. They attempted to extort money from the group, but none of the party had any to speak of. Finally, the goblins agreed that the threat of violence was enough and after some shouts of bravado, told the party to take the man and go. They collected him and worked their way back out of Cragmaw Cave and back into the world.
Their first challenges overcome and first duties satisfied, the companions made their way to Phandalin and further dangers to come.
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