Highlighted M:EMory: Sertaria

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The purpose of this feature is to highlight past works created for and by the Magic: Expanded Multiverse. As a community, we have been around for years now, and have created works of fiction that we are both proud of, and excited to share with the larger Magic: The Gathering community. Each week, we will highlight a different work from our ever-expanding Archive. We would like to invite everyone, both those from within the M:EM community and those from without, to join us in discussion of these works.

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M:EMory for 9/21/2015: Sertaria


This week, let’s highlight a different sort of M:EMory. Let’s take a look at a plane!

But not just any plane. Oh, no! Let’s look at a plane created collectively by the M:EM Community. This week, let’s reM:EMber Sertaria!

Sertaria is a plane of five continents, each drifting on the vast oceans, and each with vastly different cultures and mana identities. The plane was originally posted on the old boards, and is currently the setting of two different stories in the M:EM Archive, “Dominian Nightmares” by KeeperofManyNames, and “Promises, Promises” by RavenoftheBlack.

Enjoy this truly M:EM plane!



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