Highlighted M:EMory: Promises, Promises

Hello, all! The week has turned around again, fulfilling its eternal promise. And, along with the new week, it's time once more for a Highlighted M:EMory. This week, we will be reM:EMbering "Promises, Promises," by RavenoftheBlack.

Duels Expansion Review (OGW + SOI Edition) – Multicolored, Colorless and Lands

Felbatista wraps up his expansion review, going from many colors to no colors, including a top 10 cards in OGW + SOI!

Casual Budget Building

Tzenesh delivers an in depth look at building a casual deck from the ground up.

Talcar Campaign – Part Two

This week we'll be continuing the adventures of the Talcar Campaign, DM'ed by rstnme.

Convoke: Tapping Into Your Potential

If you're like me, you've waited for a convoke deck that explodes onto the battlefield like a poorly piloted alien spacecraft. With NGA constructed, that wait is over.

Do they have it?

Anyone who has played limited has probably found themselves asking this question at least once. However, it’s not a very useful question to ask. So, what questions should you be asking instead?

Eye of the Storm / Mono-Black

Tzenesh and razorborne deliver us some excellent decks this week as we get closer and closer to catching up with the current Johnny's Quest!

Legends of the Waste, Week 30

The rat observed Jackie leaving Mal and Lucy's hideaway placidly. He was not seen, he assured himself, he was not known. Not yet.
Autograph Elemental
Creature - Elemental

When you cast Autograph Elemental, you may have target opponent sign it.

Autograph Elemental gets +1/+1 for each unique signature on it.

"I did it, I got Jace's autograph!" "...Should your book be glowing like that?"
The first Un card to hit the front page! (unfortunately behind schedule) Simis Mimic signed the winner's plaque with this crazy concoction that kicks but and takes names, but in reverse order. Make sure to visit the COTW thread to vote on next week's winner!

Skyrift Foreseer

Creature - Wolf Scout


Play with the top card of your library revealed.

: Draw a card, then put Skyrift Foreseer on top of its owner's library.

"Worse things than war threaten Ossia."

razorborne is still hoping in his deepest heart of hearts that this little wolf cub can one day see NGA Constructed play. I mean, come on! It's blue (good), costs one mana (great), and draws cards (excellent). Perhaps one day, eh, razorborne? One day...

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