Highlighted M:EMory: Deals and Devils

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Highlighted M:EMory. This week, we will be reM:EMbering "Deals and Devils," by RavenoftheBlack.

Duels Expansion Review (KLD Edition) – Artifacts, Multicolored and Lands

Felbatista wraps-up his expansion review with a look at the remaining cards, as well as the best inventions of Kaladesh.

Casual Budget Building

Tzenesh delivers an in depth look at building a casual deck from the ground up.

Talcar Campaign – Part Two

This week we'll be continuing the adventures of the Talcar Campaign, DM'ed by rstnme.

Convoke: Tapping Into Your Potential

If you're like me, you've waited for a convoke deck that explodes onto the battlefield like a poorly piloted alien spacecraft. With NGA constructed, that wait is over.

Do they have it?

Anyone who has played limited has probably found themselves asking this question at least once. However, it’s not a very useful question to ask. So, what questions should you be asking instead?

Eye of the Storm / Mono-Black

Tzenesh and razorborne deliver us some excellent decks this week as we get closer and closer to catching up with the current Johnny's Quest!

Legends of the Waste, Week 39

Tears rolled down both sisters’s pale cheeks as the twins cried without sound. For minutes, they simply knelt together on the blood-slicked floor, looking at each other, weeping wordlessly. Each held the other’s shaking hands.
Gambling Den

: Add to your mana pool.

Pay 1 life, : Flip two coins. If both are heads, draw a card.

Rakdos thugs may look dumb, but they’re experts at bleeding you dry.
Simple Dreams took a Gamble last week and hit the jackpot. 0.25 cards isn't a lot to draw, and 4 life is above the going price for card draw, but those standards fall apart when you remember that Gambling Den's ability comes stapled to a land.


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Apprentice Graywitch

Creature - Human Wizard


Skald 1 (As long as this permanent is tapped, spells you cast cost less to cast. This can't reduce a spell's cost to less than one mana.)

Whenever you cast a spell, untap Apprentice Graywitch.

"It's not my fault! That was really distracting, I can't focus on... ooh, butterfly."
Notes from the designer: Transparently Mishra's Workshop in artifact form, the Tools were part of the all-artifact NGAC brew. What was Tevish thinking?


See what other gems you can dig up in the NGA Constructed format gatherer!

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